The projects I choose to work on in a large-scale capacity are ones that I believe will shape our community. Influence many people in a positive way. I am encouraged and inspired by the many hands that build space. I seek to share experience with those people through creating space, whether one where minds and desires can come together to collaborate, to share, to connect (MADE) or one that is more ethereal, experiential, fleeting like a string of days, a moment in time. One where each moment an experience or an encounter is laden with chance, with dance, with movement, glee. 

I am full when bright minds are together sharing ideas. Creating happenings, experiencing the gorgeous moment when a performer is sharing and performing the energy, compassion and enjoyment of the audience. That is the moment I seek to document, that is the moment I work to create. 

My focus for the last few years has been fostering community in Little Haiti, Miami. Sharing space with a myriad of people, history, culture, walking on the backs of many people who have worked, created, been inspired in our space and paving a new path for those who follow tomorrow and the tomorrows to come.

Harmony is the goal, walking towards it is the task.