Sage the World was born in NYC as a gesture of friendship and love from Isadora Shamash to me. After my sister died in August 2016, from a long battle with osteosarcoma cancer, she smudged the city in efforts to cleanse the energy left behind from my sisters cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and anything lingering. A love letter of sorts to me, and the heavens. To us.

Sage the World is a project by Isadora Shamash and Sarah MK Moody. Our intention is to share good energy and kindness with others by assisting in the removal of impurities from the air and negative energy from the space around. We shared energy and space with IIIPoints 2016 by smudging the grounds and festival goers for the week leading up to the festival and on grounds for the weekend. Our experience was incredible - the feedback was outstanding, cathartic and impressive. We are happy to have assisted in cleansing so many.

We have taken this project from IIIPoints to Pennsylvania where we cleansed Frontier Neighborhood, Cavalry Cemetery, Gate of Heaven, Fairview and Manchester Heights. From Club Space in Miami, to various homes in Miami, to New York City, to the Bahamas, to Cuba and beyond. We are open to sharing energy with all who need.