Mid-Summer Wake Up

Sometimes in life, where I find myself now, I am thinking about writing, being told daily even multiple times, daily, yet I am not. 

I write notes in a notebook, lists all over the place, on all kinds of paper, mostly illegible lists that are so unspecific no task can ever be completed because it is tied to nothing, lists of gratitude (those are clear), and notes and notes and notes in notebooks I rarely flip through. 

Now I find myself focused, organized and clear. Ready to write. 

Here I am blog, great ready for my words. 



Year in Review December 2015

redew redew redew

December was all about renewal, refreshing and rebirth. Beginning with Maggie Knox redew show and continuing until this very moment.

Thank you family, friends and community for the ongoing and gorgeous support - I am so blessed and really looking forward to this beautiful new year, focused on photography, printing new work and sharing my 'crop' of the world with you.

Happy New Year 2016, blessings, love and light to you and yours.

Year in Review November 2015

November was a month of incredibly inspiring women - from working alongside Dejha Carrington on Project NEWT, sharing yet another wonderful weekend of Dead & Co. shows with Lisa and Bianca, to photographing the beautiful Sabina Sciubba of Brazilian Girls at the North Beach Bandshell, to seeing Patti Smith at the Miami Book Fair - and reading from M Train, to planning and preparing, and opening (!!) redew exhibition at Maggie Knox 1st anniversary pop-up exhibition in Little Haiti, and shooting my favorite, @POORGRRRL aka Tara Elizabeth Long at Spinello Projects/Littlest Sister Fair opening on November 25th. I am blessed and grateful for the experiences shared with these wonderful women, and am so pleased for the opportunities shared.  This month really set the tone for the upcoming 2016 and reset my spirit in such a way that I will never return.

Year in Review September 2015

I spent the month of September largely preparing for the 3rd year of III Points Music Art Tech festival in Miami, October 9-11, in Wynwood. This year I was Activations Director, which called for huge amounts of organization and heavy lifting in preparing and planning the 50+ satellite events occurring before and after the festival takes place. I was able to get away to New York to celebrate my dear, and very old friend, Mary Evelyn Tredway on her 30th birthday weekend. It was quite filled with debauchery... A major highlight was visiting 'Sleep No More' an interactive play which I had been longing to visit for many years. I had quite a special experience following one character around, even being pulled into a room alone with her. Unforgettable. 

Year in Review July 2015

Oooooo... what a long, strange trip it has been. July 4th weekend #FareTheeWell, 3 days of Grateful Dead, and man did I get a miracle! I wrote about the weekend for Tropicult, see here.

Summer in Miami lends itself to boating, beaching and generally sharing in the blue skies and blue sea.

As a birthday gift to Gordon, we shared in a beach day and hot air balloon ride over the Redlands in Homestead. What a blast! 7am hot, hot air, humidity, steaming right over the farmlands.

Year in Review June 2015

June was an incredibly moving month - as I visited Havana, Cuba for the first time. Before going, I spent some time with Mimi at Mimi's Garden before she got booted out.

My beautiful friend Sam Dargis visited me with her gorgeous Berlin baby bump (*born 11/20)

Cuba was a monumental experience for me. Just simply arriving there was a journey through a time machine - we were in 1960s Havana. Blessed to be traveling with Rosie Gordon-Wallace of Diaspora Vibe (DVCAI) who was a phenomenal leader. We were granted access to Pedro Perez-Sandury, author of 'Maids of Havana', a Cuban lucky enough to travel in and out of the country during Revolution. He offered us amazing insight in addition to Elio, our tour guide. 

Cuba has fascinated me from such a young age, watching Havana Nights on repeat, dancing to salsa, and growing up in Miami. I've been stuck on the culture and curious about the 'mainland'. What I found there was massive evolution in innovation, creativity and intelligence. Due to the lack of advances in technology (meaning internet), Cuban people have had the chance to evolve as a community, in ways that refreshed me. I found all kinds of people really thoroughly appreciating and respecting all hands who assisted in the creation of works. There is a respect for artists and craftsmen of all levels. 

I have a wealth of photographs that I am producing in the darkroom to be on view in the early 2016 year. Stay tuned.

Flume performed a very fun show at Grand Central - the crowd was dancing, sweating and enjoying the evening.

Year in Review May 2015

May was riddled with excitement as Monica Uszerowicz and I curated and produced her first solo exhibition at Maggie Knox's pop up in the reception of MADE.

We marked the opening with a beautiful, intimate moon ritual and the next day invited the community to enjoy the show. At the same time, there was a Haitian first communion celebration and film screening upstairs, so the audience was a mixed bag - with kids sharing in the snacks, and adults in the drinks. It is always a pleasure to share art work with all people.

work by Poncili Creations, found at MADE

work by Poncili Creations, found at MADE

MADE kept me quite busy in May, while I was jump starting the programming and extending the network of the space. I was pleased to host 'Lust Futures' seedling workshop with Cassidy Fry and Nicole Salcedo, The Hongs for a special Happy Hour, and a collaborative evening at Miami Industrial Arts for a raku ceramic workshop.

A new arrival to the studio came with a huge bang! Maggie Knox HQ was pleased to receive Cristina Gonzalez and Ariella Mostkoff as residents (and printers).

I was invited to participate in Miami's first Adobe PhotoJam, an all day photography competition with the prompt (delivered at 7am) 'My Neighborhood'. I didn't win, but the pleasure of sharing work with the other 20 photographers, and the community, was amazing. Here are a few of my shots from the day.

Year in Review April 2015

The month began with a bang at the grand opening of MADE at the Citadel, a multi-sensory opening featuring 3x bars, pool, live music and performance by Grace Jones, Ajhanou Uneek and Rara Rock, a solo exhibition of photographs at Maggie Knox pop-up space inside the main lobby, and silk screening and drawing in the workshop. MADE was definitely a labor of love with Deon Rubi, we spent many hours in the building as we handled, with the team, a total renovation of the interiors. More images here. The opening was a massive success, with hundreds of supportive friends, and newcomers excited to share in the wealth of space available (at the time) inside this historic building.

Rhythm Foundation's Heineken TransAtlantic Festival really rocked the North Beach Bandshell with some incredible performances, seen here Puerto Candelaria and Budos Band from New York. Who doesn't love getting the finger?

Year in Review March 2015

Roll call: Hundred Waters rocked the ship at Grand Central in March. MADE was coming together - Deon and I grasped upholstery tricks and finalized details on design, hanging artwork, mirrors and tassels. I had the great pleasure of winning an instagram contest with Infractulture to have a hard hat tour of the upcoming Frost Science Museum in Museum Park... what a blast. And sped through the Everglades on an air boat ride. There is never a month that doesn't go by without my dear friend Tara, here seen at Red Bull's #helloyellow release party.

Year in Review February 2015

February was a special month, one of extreme focus. Racing to finish the design of MADE, I was also training to cycle 30 miles for the Dolphins Cancer Challenge,  with a loving team of 7 (go Team Moody!) Ride DCC supports research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, an institute I support in more ways than one, though this is my main steeze. The weekend after the ride, I co-hosted with Gordon Myers a fundraiser for SCCC at Bardot with a massive night of music to dance the night away. Talented musicians Afrobeta, DJ Le Spam, Michelle Leshem and Sean Drake, byrdipop and Legs Benedict offered their time and love for this special evening. The next day, I flew to New York to spend a nice (freezing) weekend away with friends and Gordon, and saw my aura!

The Hongs recorded some new tracks in New York and I got the pleasure to hearing them at Nublu and Matchless for Valentine's Day. It was a great, though freezing, trip to the city.

Shooting endlessly at Grand Central, I covered Andrew WK madness complete with bloody noses, Disney characters and lots and lots of hair.

Year in Review January 2015

As a nod to the lessons and amazing experiences of this great year, I will dedicate 12 blog posts, one for each month. Enjoy and thanks for the love and support during this wild ride. 

2015 jumped off with a real bang - January

Deon Rubi and I were knee deep in the renovation and decor of MADE at the Citadel, as well as sharing a studio. I just completed the incredible production of #IHAITIBASEL and were sprung immediately back into thrift shops, CraigsList and design layouts. I hosted Ricardo Mor's celebration honoring his new position as Opinion Editor for the Miami Herald at Maggie Knox's first official show, BE, at my studio and Maggie Knox HQ in Little Haiti. 

I had many new friendships that were just beginning to blossom from the excitement of 2014, like Ajhanou Uneek of Rara Rock and Kriz Rara bands performing in Little Haiti.

Matisu of Kriz Rara

Matisu of Kriz Rara

As a contributing photographer for Tropicult, I began the year shooting Of Montreal. They put on quite a show, with visuals to remember and so many costumes! As we end the year without Grand Central, shooting this show was really a testament to the magic it brought as a venue. Lights magnifying off the audience, shimmying between speakers to get a shot, I will definitely miss that place.


I got the pleasure of photographing Amanda Season Keeley, the founder of EXILE Books, at their pop up at BasFischer International at the Downtown Art House. A fan of her work from day one, it was so nice to have her behind my lens for a few minutes. More images from this pop-up HERE.

Dead & Company MSG 10/31-11/1 2015

Dancing Bears and Skeleton's bearing rose crowns flock to 7th/8th Avenue for Dead & Company's debut at Madison Square Garden. A band Jerry Garcias would surely be pleased with, John Mayer and Oteil Burbridge join Dead's core members, Billy Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir and Jeff Chimenti. They play to a packed house Halloween weekend, reviving the energy and power of the Dead's legacy. As a raised Deadhead, I longed for the opportunity to see them live. Now I have 5 times -- Fare Thee Well tour in Chicago and this hybrid version of Dead&co. reminding me and all Deadheads of the power and genius behind the music. Mayer rips the guitar to pieces, singing in new tones and ranges creating accessibility to a younger audience basking in the freedom of tie-dye hippie lifestyle of the past.

Cannot wait to follow this tour and see where this great band goes.

Images by SMKM