Year in Review June 2015

June was an incredibly moving month - as I visited Havana, Cuba for the first time. Before going, I spent some time with Mimi at Mimi's Garden before she got booted out.

My beautiful friend Sam Dargis visited me with her gorgeous Berlin baby bump (*born 11/20)

Cuba was a monumental experience for me. Just simply arriving there was a journey through a time machine - we were in 1960s Havana. Blessed to be traveling with Rosie Gordon-Wallace of Diaspora Vibe (DVCAI) who was a phenomenal leader. We were granted access to Pedro Perez-Sandury, author of 'Maids of Havana', a Cuban lucky enough to travel in and out of the country during Revolution. He offered us amazing insight in addition to Elio, our tour guide. 

Cuba has fascinated me from such a young age, watching Havana Nights on repeat, dancing to salsa, and growing up in Miami. I've been stuck on the culture and curious about the 'mainland'. What I found there was massive evolution in innovation, creativity and intelligence. Due to the lack of advances in technology (meaning internet), Cuban people have had the chance to evolve as a community, in ways that refreshed me. I found all kinds of people really thoroughly appreciating and respecting all hands who assisted in the creation of works. There is a respect for artists and craftsmen of all levels. 

I have a wealth of photographs that I am producing in the darkroom to be on view in the early 2016 year. Stay tuned.

Flume performed a very fun show at Grand Central - the crowd was dancing, sweating and enjoying the evening.