I (Sarah Margaret Knox Moody) am a Photographer, an Artist, a Curator, a Doula, an Archivist, a Collaborator, and a Community Voice. I am based in Erie, Pennsylvania.

I began taking pictures at a young age and have avidly pursued the craft since, experimenting in many formats and processes of development. I have pictures in almost every crevice of my life. Prints, polaroids, contact sheets, negatives in stacks, in binders, in albums. I archive. I enjoy images because they are tangible memories, ones that you can hold, where the smell and scene come alive in your hand. I document what pulls me, what grabs my attention. I document the world and I document my family.

I founded Maggie Knox in Miami in 2014. MK is an incubator, studio, and gallery space with artist residencies, workshops, gatherings and creative happenings.

I am committed to sharing space as a way to foster community with creativity at its core.