Thoughts on abortion

 What is it about this moment in history that is making men grapple to take control over women’s bodies?

A moment when we’re at the brink of revolution, when serious and necessary change is on the horizon, massive infrastructure issues need addressing, and white men are discussing and deciding to take away constitutional rights for women and their bodies. As though men play no role in putting a baby inside the womb of a woman, they are deciding that we forcibly need more babies, unwanted, unneeded, irresponsible babies to walk on this earth.

At a moment when we are in a climate crisis, a near irreparable crisis, and we are forcing women to have babies. What is that about?  

In 1974, women won the constitutional right to get an abortion, to have healthcare providers offer her the option to carry a baby in her womb. If this is up for discussion, then I call for a constitutional address. Let’s discuss all of our rights, some are begging to actually be addressed, like the right to bear arms, many would say this is a necessary discussion, as we have massive problems with fire arms in the wrong hands. Let’s reevaluate all of our constitutional rights and vote on ALL of them.